I only fight when I care

May 22, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

when I’m really done, I leave in silence
I only fight when I care

If pedophilia is just sexuality
then burying them all is just gardening


Catholic church ~ word of God

call the priest father ~ call no man father
confess their sins to a priest ~ Jesus is the only one faithful and just to forgive
prayers to dead saints ~ God calls this an abomination
have made Mary a co-mediator ~ Jesus is the only mediator
prayers to Mary ~ only pray to the father
idol worship ~ this breaks the 2nd commandment


Led Zeppelin drummer, in the first 4 minutes of “Stairway to heaven”


Looter Deterrents You Never Thought Of: ask a prepper… signs, don’t look like a victim, fake cameras and security devices, audio traps, dogs are a few topics covered in the article

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peg puff
a young woman with the manners of an old one

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