flowers everywhere

May 26, 2023

photo dump

*all photos made during the month of May

~ wild rose ~

To think that it wasn’t that long ago I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough photos to get me through, now I’m doing a dump. As a photographer, these things happen.

~ azalea, Iris, and dwarf Iris ~

When I started working on the gardens, growing and expanding, I didn’t plan on the way they would grow. The way it’s worked out, is, I have flowers blooming throughout the year – from March to September or something like that. There is almost always some color spread throughout the property, throughout most of the year.

~ do you see the bunny? ~

A lot of white…or at least some. I’d like more white, but it’s a work in progress. So we’ll see…

~ white Iris and white Peony ~

~ a lot of green ~
purple bearded Iris, yellow Iris, peony
, azalea bush

Soon my tiger lilies, black eyed susans, and other flowers will be blooming. The azalea looks like it’s done blooming, but there are still flowers hanging on.

…more white

~ black berry flower and Star of Bethlehem ~

it’s not what you think

I wasn’t going to do this, but…

So in the last week…

~ 30 tons of ammonium nitrate goes missing
~ 50 US Senators are given satellite phones in case of a “catastrophic event”
~ FDA suggests internet could go out this week
~ U-Haul crashes outside of the White House with a Nazi flag in it…

…they’ve been warning about all kinds of stuff possibly happening, for quite a few years now. So not to freak anyone out, I hope there is bottled water, canned goods, and other necessities stored somewhere. Just in case…


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