the country girl

May 26, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

she is strong willed and independent
she’s as beautiful inside as she is outside
she’ll never take no for an answer
and when she’s told she can’t do it because she’s a girl
she’ll prove you wrong every time
she loves the thrill of the ride
and the romance of adventure
she’s you
and she’s me
most of all
she just is

remember, do not grab another person’s facemask

it’s a 15 yard penalty and an automatic 1st down


Police release artist’s impression of man who murdered CNN

DonaldJTrumpJr: I am told that is an accurate description


Men: “if her house doesn’t smell like breakfast or cleaning products by 9am on a Saturday, don’t wife her”

Me: “go live with your mommy then…cause at 9am all I got for you is a cup of coffee and a bad attitude. Try again in a couple hours


canned fruits and veggies, rice, dried beans, pasta, flour, and more are some items listed

hope you have a great day!
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missed calls
(n) I don’t miss them
I just stare at the phone and don’t answer

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