mentally and physically worn out

May 27, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

Scottish word of the week:
~ to be mentally and physically worn out ~

No one is above the law


~ Hillary Clinton
~ The Bidens
~ Nance Pelosi
~ BLM rioters
~ millions upon millions of illegal immigrants
~ and democrats in general


We The People
have had enough


My neighbor called the cops on me
for playing country music too loud.

They arrested the neighbor.


Don’t Do This: ask a prepper… “even the best-laid plans can fail. We all make mistakes. Even the most experienced of us will sometimes miss a vital component or forget a critical item. Unfortunately, when it comes to preparedness, there is no room for mistakes, and failure could be fatal.” don’t assume your currency is king, don’t rely solely on synthetic medicines, don’t forget the documentation, don’t buy gadgets you don’t need, are a few topics covered in this article – plus more

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I’m confused
oh wait
maybe I’m not

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