money, power, fame, will make even good people do evil things

May 28, 2023

are you real?


People keep saying if God is real and loving why does he allow evil in this world.
First of all, God did not allow evil in this world even though he created evil. God gave us freewill to choose between evil and good just like in the beginning with Adam and Eve. He already told us what’s evil and what’s good in the Bible. The devil is the one that is making people do evil. If we all choose to follow God’s will and commandments then this world would be a safe place to live. We would all love one another and help each other.

But Satan is not going to allow that to happen. He wants us to do the opposite. He wants us to go against God’s will. That’s where evil gets in us. When we choose not to obey God’s commandments, that’s when Satan tempts and deceives us to do evil against one another and violates God’s law.

If Satan was able to get everyone under his control, from the beginning, humanity would’ve been destroyed. We wouldn’t be here, people would kill each other every day. But because God’s laws are still active in some people, their fear of God is why we have made it this far.

Now it’s not the same anymore. The devil is influencing a lot of people to do evil in these last days. You can see it going on. It’s not the same anymore. People are turning wicked because Satan is behind all of it. That’s why the world is in the shape it’s in, because lawlessness and wickedness abound and it’s not safe anymore. People have no more fear of God in these last days. They are serving the devil for money, power, wealth, fame and material things of this world.

God Bless you.

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