be loved for who you really are

May 30, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

being seen as different
and possibly rejected for it
takes courage
being loved for who you are not
is far worse

I’m not saying the punctuation is wrong.
I am saying I HOPE it is wrong.

Boy Syrup

I think it should be… Oh Boy! Syrup


They say the first arrest will shock the world.
Hell, at this point any arrest will shock us.


0% of me believes the fact-checkers!!!


PROPHETIC WARNINGS FROM C. S. LEWIS: culture watch… “80 years ago Lewis clearly sounded the alarm, but we paid no heed: He told us so. He tried to warn us. He sounded the alarm 80 years ago. Back in 1943 Lewis gave three extremely important lectures which were published four years later in the form of The Abolition of Man, yet most folks took no notice. Indeed, as Michael Ward reminds us, Lewis said a decade later that it “has been almost totally ignored by the public.”

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take out
(n) do you mean food, dating or murder?

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