Month: June 2023

be like the bird

June 30, 2023 wonderful ~ beautiful ~ bird unknown ~I think it’s a Phoebe, but it could be a Pewee be like the birdpausing in her flightawhile on boughs to slightfeels them give way beneath herand yet sings… knowing that she hath wings~ Victor… Continue Reading “be like the bird”

plants and seeds

June 30, 2023 *I originally started this post back in February, but didn’t feel like posting it. I didn’t delete it either, which I guess is a good thing. Also, almost as soon as I let you all know I didn’t have any power… Continue Reading “plants and seeds”

clearly misunderstood

June 29, 2023 funny oxymorons ~ found missing~ open secret~ small crowd~ act naturally~ pretty ugly~ original copy~ only choice~ liquid gasand the mother of them all~ social distancing “An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines contradictory words with opposing meanings, like… Continue Reading “clearly misunderstood”


June 30, 2023 photo of the week ~ Crepe Myrtle, I do believe ~ woodnotenoun [woo d – noht]a wild or natural musical toneas that of a forest bird The Weaponization of the CISA:how a “cyber security” agency colluded with big tech and “disinformation”… Continue Reading “natural”

beautiful heat

June 16, 2023 no wordsno explanation hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!!

it’s okay

June 30, 2023 picture of the day And sometimes, life is just hard, and some days are just rough… and sometimes you just gotta cry before you can move forward… and all of that is ok Manipulate the food supply. Poison the water. Destabilize… Continue Reading “it’s okay”


June 29, 2023 wonderful ~ beautiful Tyranny requires that the truth be silenced, that real history be erased and rewritten, that speech be restricted, and that individual thought be silenced. The real conspiracy theory is believing everything that is happening is coincidence. (wimkin) (wimkin)… Continue Reading “tyranny”