Jehovah’s Witness and the New World Order

June 3, 2023

Jehovah’s Witnesses
for the New World Order???

…a 21 minute video

“The Jehovah’s Witnesses are part of the New World Order’s deception. They are helping to fulfil occultist Alice Bailey’s plot to infiltrate the churches, maintaining the appearance of a church, but teaching the philosophies of the ancient mystery religions.” (Jesus is precious) A good read, if you feel like diving in. Mostly, it goes over some of the points I made about the Jehovah’s Witnesses in my what’s the difference post a few days ago.

One thing I think JW’s don’t understand is that the one world religion won’t be what they think it will be…meaning, they won’t be the one’s in charge. Everyone will have to obey what the one’s in charge decree, which I believe will be Roman Catholics, Muslims and another group. One can already see it happening, although on a small scale. The infiltration, merging of different denominations, “we are all one”, etc. Which is why I started the “what’s the difference” series, so we can see that there are differences in different religions. We don’t all believe the same thing. When One World Religion really comes on the scene. . . it won’t be what a lot of people think it will be.

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