the second longest word in the English language is . . .

June 3, 2023

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Did you know?
The second longest word in the English language is

the doctrine or political position that opposes the withdrawal of state recognition of an established church; — used especially concerning the Anglican Church in England.
Opposed to disestablishmentarianism.


Gender Fluid
A person whose gender identity or gender expression is not fixed and shifts over time or depending on the situation

…all of this gender identity stuff is confusing to me. I honestly was going to use this for a different post, which I deleted, but I still wanted to use it.

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“What do you mean you’re not vaccinated…?!? You’re a science denier!!!”



“I thought I would be happier as a female…so I decided to change to a woman”

“Now who’s the science denier?”


“If a drummer comes out of retirement,
will there be repercussions?”


If You Have Been Storing Meat This Way, Stop Doing It Immediately: ask a prepper… this article is about freezing food and its issues (power outage, storage space, freezer burn, etc.) and methods of safely storing meat by canning, curing, canning, etc.

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here’s another great thing about books:
books are full of words
which helps to keep the letters occupied
so they don’t try anything funny

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