June 4, 2023

When you forgive,
you don’t change the past…

you change the future!


God will not reveal your enemies to you until your heart can handle the truth.
Until your heart is strong enough to forgive and love people.
Because when He reveals them to you, you will be in shocked. You won’t believe
that your enemies are the people that are very close to you.
Your own family, friends and people that you love and trust.
Just remember that when God shows you who they are, that’s your test from Him too.
He will test you on how well you will handle betrayal.
You must forgive and love them and keep your heart pure for you to pass that test.

Trust me, I’ve been through it. It hurts. It hurts so bad, like a knife in your heart.
But you must heal that pain and love them anyways and forgive them.
You can separate yourself from them and love them from a distance.
If you are struggling to forgive and love them, pray to God to heal your heart
or give you a new heart to forgive them and love them.
You will not pass your test until your heart is able to forgive and love.
God Bless You.

Jesus Christ is there to heal your broken heart. You are not alone. Don’t let your heart be hardened.
Keep your heart pure and clean. Don’t let people steal your peace, love and joy in your heart.
Just keep smiling and keep shining.
Love you all

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3 Comments on “Forgiveness

  1. Sometimes people think forgiveness is all for the other person. It isn’t. You forgive so you can be freed. If the other person accepts the forgiveness, that is just an added bonus!

  2. The worst few years of my life came from discovering the truth. Three people I’d accepted as family, a wife and her two children. By the time I’d stopped lying to myself, the kids were young adults. Sadly, all three of them were truly wicked. it damaged me so much, I t took several years to recover. Some of it inspired the novel I’ve written and I’m now editing. 😢

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