I won’t support what doesn’t feel right

June 4, 2023

my thoughts

The media claims we’re right wing economic terrorists
because we don’t support companies who give to grooming organizations

… I will wear that badge with honor. It’s not right to be forced to participate in something you don’t believe in. Nor is it right to change something just because it might be offensive to someone. If you don’t like it, don’t participate, don’t purchase the item, don’t watch it, don’t change it to fit your opinion. That’s how things have worked since people had an opinion, since forever.

Not everyone is going to like everything, if it worked that way…there would be no individual thought, no individual personality, no individualism. Things would actually be quite boring, because everything/everyone would be the same. I will not advocate for that. Not while we’re still on this big, beautiful Earth we call home.

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