the naked truth or a well dressed lie

June 8, 2023

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A truth can walk naked, but a lie always needs to be dressed.
~ Khalil Gibran

Our cities look like third world countries. Our borders are sieves. Our own sovereignty is threatened. Our freedoms are being erased. Our children are under attack. Our civilization in imploding. Excuse me if I don’t give a damn about Ukraine right now. We have other problems.

~ Matt Watsh


Remember when we brought brown bag lunches to grade school and kept them in the “coat room” until lunch time? And our sandwiches from home contained meat or tuna and mayo and we all survived…lol…


I wonder if Commies understand that if the union of these 50 states fails, we still have 50 states full of well-armed citizens ready to rebuild our communities. And the little commie bastards won’t have the federal government protecting them anymore.


Oxford Is Creating an ‘African American Dictionary,’ and the First 10 Words Were Just Announced: western journal… “One of the world’s major printers of English-language dictionaries is preparing a volume for language associated with African Americans. The Oxford Dictionary of African American English aims to define 1,000 terms by March 2025 — potentially educating a broader audience on the meaning of English terms associated with the ethnic group. Oxford University Press provided 10 words to The New York Times in a preview of the project.” words to be included in the new dictionary are…”grill”, “bussin'”, “cakewalk”, and phrases like “Promised Land” and “ring shout”…

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I used to be a people person
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I never was much of a people person

5 Comments on “the naked truth or a well dressed lie

    • Thank you!
      It is, and I never thought we’d be where we are today. I mean, I knew things were bad 30 years ago, but it seems to be spiraling now.

      • Same here and I’m pretty sure the spiralling and unraveling will accelerate as we get closer to the final meltdown.

      • I remember things were bad in the 80’s – but when say “I’d rather be then then now” people tell me about the problems we had then, never mentioning the “spiral” (thanks for the word) we are in today.

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