Let’s dance

June 9, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

“If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet,
you’d best teach it to dance.”
~ George Bernard Shaw,

MAGA’s not gonna like what’s on the menu all June…

~ Wendy’s “Celebrating Pride Month”
~ Burger King ~ “Time to be Proud”
~ McDonalds
~ KFC “Happy Pride Month”
~ Pizza Hut
~ Papa John’s
~ Taco Bell
~ Arby’s
~ Starbuck’s
~ Chick-fil-a
~ Krispy Kreme “Pride and Joy”
~ Dominoe’s Pizza “Pride”
~ Denny’s “Open To All”
~ Panda Express “Express Yourself”
~ BP


The sooner American’s admit to themselves that Democrats are communists, the sooner we can get on with repairing the damage they’ve done!




6 Dangerous Mistakes From “Doomsday Preppers”: ask a prepper… going on a reality tv show, most are preparing for overly specific events, prepping has taken over, over-reliance on supplies and gear, many times plans are too specific, unrealistic portrayal of prepping…

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can someone update me on what’s offensive today
it’s hard to keep up

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