why were some books of the Bible “lost”?

June 9, 2023

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…a 44 minute video

Some reasons include:

~ the book(s) were considered heresy
~ the book(s) weren’t thought to be divinely written
~ to preserve the hierarchy of men (women can’t be used by God, right? According to some in “authority”.)

It’s a good video, if you have time to watch it. For me, this video makes me want to read the lost or forbidden books even more. I’ve read Enoch 1 and 2, and the Gospel of Thomas, and am reading the afterwords of Thomas now. I can’t make myself read Enoch 3, yet. From what I’ve read about it, Enoch 3 aligns pretty closely to the Talmud and what I’ve read about the Talmud… I just can’t do it. Yet. Otherwise, I personally don’t see any reason NOT to read the lost or forbidden books…an open mind does help, and going the them slowly helps.

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