a virus called truth

June 12, 2023

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Governments worldwide are struggling to contain a new virus
that would have a huge impact on billions of lives.
This virus is called truth.

Melting points

gold ~ 1,948*F
titanium ~ 3,034*F
tungsten ~ 6,177*F
LGBTQ+ ~ any opinion that’s not their own


Things more likely to kill you than the coronavirus:

~ shark
~ beware of falling coconuts
~ lightning
~ Clinton


I’ve been hiding from exercise…
I’m in the fitness protection program.


This Is Why You Should Not Build A Bunker: ask a prepper…cost, it could be all for nothing, alternative options, fortify your house are topics shared in this article, plus more

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when you combine a question mark with an explanation point
it’s called an “interrobang” (wordnik)

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