be compassionate, even to yourself

June 13, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

If your compassion doesn’t include yourself it is incomplete




Your money gone


If the new WHO pandemic treaty is signed…

a veterinarian, a software oligarch,
and the president of China

will dictate your country’s pandemic response with
absolute authority

if they decide everyone in your country must be vaccinated:
~ then everyone must be vaccinated, regardless of your country’s laws or individual protections.

~ stop the treaty ~

“As a fellow veterinarian, I support this treaty!”


“I was born a fox but I feel like a chicken. This is my new identity. Let me go to the henhouse!”


Mel Gibson is living in fear for his life after vowing to expose an elite pedophile ring operating at the heart of the Hollywood system. According to Gibson, Hollywood elites have already tried to cancel him, silence him, and destroy his career – none of which worked because we, the people, understand that he is telling the truth.” – article includes short, 13 minute video

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