laughter really is the best medicine

June 14, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

There’s literally nothing better than full-on laughing with someone,
and you both keep adding things that make it funnier,
and you can barely breathe

The Pagan goddess “Ishtar

Starbucks ~ 1987 ~ 1992 ~ 2011

link: New World Encyclopedia


If pooping is a call of nature, does that mean farting is a missed call?


Woke explained by Darwin

At some stage, the human species will divide. Whilst most will continue to evolve, a minority of those lacking intellectual capacity of thought, will develop as a sub-species. Being easily lead, form into packs attempting to control the majority. They will deny biology, attempt to undo the centuries of human development be rewriting history, and gradually revert to their primate origins. They will expect all to conform to their point of view without question.


How Some People Got Rich During The Great Depression. You Need To Learn This Fast: ask a prepper… “avoid becoming trapped in credit debt and start stashing cash away. The biggest trap you can find yourself in is to not have enough cash to help get you through an economic collapse because you’re spending too much on your monthly debt payments.” . . . forage and sell berries, chop and sell firewood, house cleaning, sell eggs, rent out rooms in your house are a few ways (plus more) to make a little money during hard times…

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I used to wonder
how the devil could deceive entire nations
like the Bible said he would
… I don’t wonder about that anymore

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    • You’re right. It all depends on the situation too… I figure having a little money on hand in the beginning of whatever happens might be a good thing. It all depends on the situation.

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