Globe theory sold to us by Catholics/Jesuits

June 15, 2023

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Jesuits and The Global Conspiracy

copied and pasted from a comment from someone I follow on Wimkin:
History lesson via #consciousevolution

How can it be that for over 5,000 years, as far back as written modern history allows us, that nearly every single culture on earth believed the land we all have lived upon since our birth was known to be flat, motionless and the center of all this one creation?

Nearly all ancient cultures previous to the current Roman Dynasty (310 AD–present) taught Flat Earth Theo-Cosmological belief systems in their civilizations. I am not just speaking about one or two civilizations of our common past, but the cultures of nearly every civilization, covering thousands of years, across all lands, all races.

From the Ancient Chinese, with their Ying Yang symbolism depicting the dance of the Sun and Moon in a circle above us all, to the Hindus, Buddhists, Sumerians, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Egyptians, Ancient Hebrews, Greeks, and Nordic Vikings, they all believed we were the center of this Universe inside a vaulted roof or dome, surrounded by water above and water below. Add to this list of ancient cultures in the West and we find that the Mayans, Toltecs, Aztecs, Cherokees and most Native American cultures shared similar cosmological viewpoints about the shape of our Mother Earth and the placement of the stars, Sun and Moon in the Father Sky. Why have we never been taught this rich history in public or private education schools of these cultures that all held similar earth centered flat, domed Theo-cosmology ?

The early astronomers, from Copernicus to Newton to Albert Einstein, all had intimate Roman Catholic connections. Nicolaus Copernicus dedicated his book to Pope Paul II and died a catholic priest, Sir Isaac Newton’s 4th edition book, Principia, that described gravity for the first time, was edited by Jesuits also known as the Society of Jesus, a very powerful branch of the Vatican. The Big Bang theory was not proven by Albert Einstein but actually written by a Jesuit priest, Father Georges Lamaitre, who is said to have based his work on Einstein’s theories. Again, why were we never taught these alternative narratives of history in our education, still to this day?

Look up and watch the Sun move across the sky for yourself. Every day it rises (movement) in the East and moves across the sky to set in the West. You do not need a telescope to see the Sun move. Apparently, when the heliocentric story was originally being sold for mass indoctrination they could not tell-to-sell the farmers and peasants that the Sun was not moving in the sky. This is why we still to this day call this movement a “Sunrise” and “Sunset”, even to this day. Why have not any astronomers, academicians, English teachers, etc. ever corrected such a gross misuse of language if the Sun is still unmoving relative to Earth?
Is it correct English to describe heliocentric claims then an “Earthrise” and an “Earthset”?

Thus, in 1600, there was no official Catholic position on the Copernican system and it was certainly not a heresy. Heresy literally means “choice” or “choosing” for themselves what to believe and practice was considered a crime against the Roman Catholic Church, whose priests developed “The Inquisition” to discourage further stray from the church’s established dogma of suppression of basic human rights and needs. Very little has changed today.

During the Dark Ages the Vatican controlled all of the historical narrative. After the Romans pillaged and burned the Great Libraries of Alexandria by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar around 48 B.C., they have controlled, to a very large degree, our modern history. When the Guttenberg press (circa 1440) was first invented, the largest owner of books published, and book publishing companies thereafter, was the Roman Catholic Church. Many times they used aliaes and ghost writers to hide the true authors of these books.

It was called the Dark Ages because no light of alternative knowledge was allowed to escape and complete mind control of our history was to be taught to their compliant subjects. The Vatican was also the first to translate books from Latin and ancient Greek into other languages. It was heresy to speak against their teachings and findings. We’ve all been taught in our history that those who spoke out against cosmological Vatican teachings were burned at the stake. They were put away in isolation for proposing alternate views of cosmology.

History lesson via #consciousevolution…

my thoughts… I’m pretty sure, as a child, I did learn about “flat earth”, or something similar – as a theory, as the Bible describes it. But I’m not 100% sure, and I don’t have the books that were used anymore – except the Bible, which describes the earth as a “disk”, “circle”, “set on its foundations/unmovable”. Of course, all of these descriptions can be interpreted differently. One really has to look at the narrative, who controls the narrative, and does it make any sense.


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