when you’re quiet

June 15, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

Only those who really care about you,
can hear you when you’re quiet

Did you know?

The official rainbow – the Lord’s creation – has 7 colors (R.O.Y. G. B.I.V.) while the official LGBT flag only uses 6?

In the scriptures, 7 represents completion and perfection while 6 represents falling short, imitation, and satan.

The LGNT flag skips indigo.
Indigo is a color of royalty, and of spiritual knowledge and wisdom, often connecting heaven and earth. The LGBT utlimately do not want to be connected to God.

God creates, Satan imitates.


When you see this, it will be too late.

(U.N. – United Nations)


As summer approaches watch out for the West Virginia Copperheads


What types of preps are for your eyes only?…quantities, storage locations, emergency plans, alternative locations, plus more…

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being normal
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5 Comments on “when you’re quiet

  1. While I did not know how many colors the “original” rainbow had (who could? there were only a handful of witnesses), I do know that color blindness exists, and people can not always tell similar colors one from another.
    Besides, one can not copy perfection, AND god forbid someone starts in on saying that the rainbow image has been wrongly appropriated. We already have bans on wearing Indian headdress (even as a kid costume) or dreadlocks or *gasp* a kilt UNLESS…

    Oh – nevermind

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