tell the peace drainers to shove it

June 19, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

don’t let them steal your peace
just because they can’t find their own

Mel Blanc was amazing.
Some people don’t realize he did all these voices (plus more).


That face you make when you tried to kill everyone, but accidentally woke them up instead.


scrolling through social media like…

“Protect my eyes from this world…”


GOSPEL AND CULTURE: WHAT GOES AND WHAT STAYS: culture watch… “An unchanging gospel in a changing world: Some things change in life. Some things do not change. Knowing which is which is vital. As to the former, people change. Cultures change. Societies change. But as to the latter, God does not change. The Christian gospel does not change. Our fundamental need as human beings does not change. So how does the Christian know how best to present an unchanging gospel to a changing world? At the risk of oversimplifying things, when it comes to the gospel and our presentation of it, there have been three quite broad options to run with.”… fundamentalist, evangelical and progressive Christianity are explored in this article

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~ noun ~
a small quantity of something left over;
bits of food or beverage

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