June 20, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

People speak of hope as if it is this delicate,
ephemeral thing made of whispers and spider’s webs.
It’s not.
Hope has dirt on her face, blood on her knuckles,
the grit of the cobblestones in her hair,
and just spat out a tooth as she rises for another go.

You have survived…

~ mad cow disease (1986)
~ Bubonic Pneumonic plague (1994)
~ SARS COV-1 virus (2002)
~ Bird flu (2008)
~ Swine flu (2009)
~ MERS virus (2012)
~ Ebola (2014)
~ Zika virus (2015)
~ Measles (2019)
~ Covid-19 (2019)
~ Monkey Pox (2022)

40+ years of psychological manipulation, lab-created disease, media fear-mongering, and mass depopulation protocols

You Are The Elite!!


The Constitution is not:

a list of things government gives you.

The Constitution is:

a list of things government
can’t take away from you.


Oh jeez, would ya look it here,
the meat heads are now running the country.


This Picture Book Tells Kids They’ll Be Depressed If They’re Not Transgender, And It’s In A Public Library: the federalist… “the passage on one page in particular that she said concerned her the most: “You see, my dear children, when gender expression / is hampered with rules, it just leads to depression!””“Oh, look, it’s another one of those books that Democrats absolutely demand be made available to children. All it does is push little kids to “defy” the “ridiculous rules” of gender norms— because they cause “depression”!” Children should be allowed to be children – to explore, have fun and learn – without being exposed to unnecessary topics like “sex”, “depression”, or other grownup/adult topics. Yes, children get depressed, and have questions, but these concerns can be addressed without bringing sex, gender, or whatever else into the conversation. If they are confused (for whatever reason), the issue can be addressed on a need be/individual basis.

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remember when you could strangle people with your phone?
those were the days!

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  1. Children do get depressed from time to time, but like everything else in their (child) lives, such situations are to be handled by the parents. Whether or not the parents allow someone from the school to be involved with the solution shall be determined by the parents, not someone from the school. Especially, when teachers are concerned. No teacher should ever be allowed to speak to a child about sex, gender, or anything related to such topics. Any teacher who raised the issue of sex or gender to a child should be immediately sentenced to jail.

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