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June 21, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

If science was never questioned you’d still be drinking cocaine,
giving kids cough syrup with heroin,
spraying people with DDT,
and smoking the cigarette brand your doctor recommended.

watching the left come up with endless schemes to impeach Trump has become like watching Wile E. Coyote trying to catch Road Runner


When you understand that these people are just a distraction

from what these people are doing

…it all makes sense.


anyone wanna come on vacation with me?
I’m thinking of going to the Bermuda Triangle and just disappearing…


United Nations Orders Banks Worldwide to Made Digital ID’s Mandatory for All Customers: the people’s voice… “The United Nations (UN) has ordered banks worldwide to begin issuing mandatory digital ID’s to all customers and refuse service to anybody deemed ‘non-compliant’ or blacklisted by the globalist organization.”“Essentially, the objective is to have people, devices, and entities, all tied up in a connected network that could apparently be centrally administered, seemingly by unelected bureaucrats. When those planning this future scheme worry about any negative impact, they never see it as potentially affecting everyone – but only “civil society (…) or selected groups excluded from social benefits.”

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at the rate we’re going
they’re going to cancel shampoo
so bald people don’t get offended

2 Comments on “be informed

  1. I think the powers that be made a grave error in “Hunter’s” plea deal. I have a feeling that is going to blow up in unexpected ways on those involved. Just MHO.

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