systematically silenced

June 21, 2023

we removed something you posted
because it was true and mage us look like liars and idiots

~ false information ~
reviewed by independent fact checkers
~ see why ~


A little over a week ago I got a notice on Facebook that I was facing yet another restriction or, even worse – my account could be deactivated. I’m joking when I say “worse”, because I say “bring it on”! I laugh…but seriously, people are still being silenced on social media.

those warning you about the attacks on your freedoms are being systematically silenced

when you no longer hear the warnings
it won’t be because the attacks have ended
it will be because your freedoms are gone


The only way FB will silence or get rid of me is for them to cancel me. I’m not there a whole lot, nor do I have a lot of friends there (I have been blocked by people, and I have blocked people myself), so it’s not like I reach all that many people or that much of a threat. I guess it’s the fact that I do it that they don’t like.

silenced: as in shushed, to stop the noise or speech of;
– as in quelled, to put a stop to (something) by the use of force

shut up


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