it’s hard doing what we know is right

June 22, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

(Grey’s Tree Frog)

The truth is that you always know the right thing to do. The tough part is doing it.
~ General Norman Schwarzkopf

Putin jails political opponents

Nooooo! That’s authoritarianism!!!!

Biden jails political opponents

Wow! I love democracy!!

DonaldTrumpJR: 100% this is turning into a third world country.


June 7, 2023 ~ orange sky

June8, 2023 ~ “normal” skies

“Yeah, you’re welcome!”
~ Ghost Busters ~


A fish probably goes home and lies about all the bait he stole…

~ Respect the fish ~


“The prepper’s life is not an easy lifestyle, and the best way to live it successfully and ensure that all the bases are covered ongoing is to have the right mindset of sticking to a well thought-out routine.”…daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, are topics covered in this article…prepping, or homesteading, is a lifestyle and takes dedication if it is to work

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(n) a confused
or embarrassing situation

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