Mandatory breathalyzers in cars in near future

June 22, 2023

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…a 20 minute video

…it’s already been passed in congress (2021) and will be mandatory in all new cars, all connected vehicles will collect data to detect impaired driving (what exactly is “impaired driving”?, who determines the definition?), an algorithm will track behavior, monitor every aspect of the vehicle (speed, location) while it is turned on and if a certain behavior is detected the vehicles can be turned off,

“HR 3684, also known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act,
includes provisions related to drunk driving prevention.
These provisions require new safety features in cars, such as alcohol detection technology,
which can detect if a driver is impaired and prevent them from starting the car.”

~ personal privacy and data is a major concern, as he talks about in the video

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7 Comments on “Mandatory breathalyzers in cars in near future

  1. Great video, thanks for sharing. Just one more thing they’ll take away from everyone.

    • it will be one more way, they think, to get everyone into the city – make life so hard in the country/suburbs that we’ll have no choice. I hope it doesn’t happen (I’ll walk to the store when I need to, if it comes to that), but that’s what they want.

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