stay near to you to go far

June 23, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

To go very far you must begin very near. ‘Very near’ is you. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti


~ gay ~ bisexual
~ asexual ~ gender fluid
~ pansexual ~ genderqueer
~ transgender ~ non-binary
~ polyamorous ~ agender
~ lithsexual ~ pedosexual
~ bigender ~ demisexual
~ androphilia ~ gynephilia
~ lithromantic
~ neutrois

…I tried finding a website with the flags and what they meant, but I couldn’t find one with all the flags listed


investigating democrat crimes


“Now look what you’ve done…
nickeled and dimed your father to death”


“According to the weatherman, who was explaining anomalies on the live weather radar to his audience, the military have been doing exercises for the past two weeks which has altered the weather and “although it looks like rain out there, it’s not.” “

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~ please do not feed the fears ~

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