June 25, 2023

Satan’s target: our mind

Satan’s weapon: lies

Satan’s purpose: to make us ignorant of God’s will

Our defense: The inspired Word of God

Stop labeling yourself as targeted a targeted person. You are an empowered individual.
You are a threat to the world satanic system. That’s why the devil and the world targeted you.
You can see the truth behind all the lies within this world.
You are not the same as everyone else in this world,
going along to get along and believing everything they hear and see.
You are the type that questions everything in this world, and that makes the devil mad.
The world wants everyone to go along with the deceptions and shut up, but you’re not that person.
You are not sucked into the world matrix like everyone else. You are an awakened light leader.
Your mission is to wake people up, to see the truth that you see and expose every deception in this world. That’s why you become their target. The world is afraid of you exposing their wicked plans.
They will come after you using people, families, friends, government agencies to harass you, gangstalk you, attack you with electronic weapons and witchcraft.
They will set you up to commit a crime to put you behinds bars
or to throw in the psych ward or get you to kill yourself.
We must know and understand that this world and everything in it are controlled by the devil.
The witches and warlocks and secret societies are doing rituals and spells behind the scenes
to control and manipulates the whole gangstalking program. It’s all spiritual warfare.
People are influenced by demons and the devil to destroy humanity.
There’s a lot of witches and warlocks everywhere from the new age, secret societies
and denominational religions that are Satan’s puppets doing his bidding to destroy our freedom,
our lives, our human rights and take our souls.

You cannot win this battle fighting in the physical. The whole government is run by the devil.
They will not help you but make it worse for you. We don’t fight against people or flesh and blood,
we fight against the demonic spirits that are in people that are attacking and gangstalking you.
It’s a spiritual battle that you have to fight and win in the Spirit. Jesus Christ is your only help.
He will give you His Holy Spirit to help you fight them devils and demons in the Spirit.
You must Submit to Jesus Christ and Surrender to His will and ask Him to help you.
Pray and ask Him every day. He will fight for you and give you the ability through
the Holy Spirit to help you endure and persevere.
If you don’t do that, you will be frustrated. They will kill you however they can.

~ copied in part ~

God bless you.

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