Scam artist

June 29, 2023

Scam Artist
by what Ed said

(internet image)

Look at the artist
Hidden meanings he weaves
As he paints secret thieves
Behind the trees of cedar
Crouch the evil leaders

Look what he depicts
Political figures concealed
Behind the media’s shield
In this painting can you find
The blind leading the blind?

Look at the canvas
As he paints with strokes
The common folks
The unknown and small
Displays them all

Gaze upon the wall
The common folks you see
Folks like you and like me
On the canvas they are forsaken
In the landscape they are taken

See the whole picture
The common folks the prey
Leaders look the other way
They took and they took
When no one seemed to look

So the painter paints
Each day more change
Each hour more strange
In each brush upheaval
In each stroke is evil

Look closer at the art
Who is it that paints?
Can you feel the constraint?
Brushing away freedom
Displayed as a museum

Do you know the meaning?
Look again at the painting
Our purpose they are tainting
Wolves disguised as lambs
Masterpiece of a scam

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