strong enough to live it

June 29, 2023

maybe life isn’t about avoiding bruises
maybe it’s about collecting scars
to prove that you showed up

I have another photo for you today…

My son and I went shopping yesterday and I tried to get a photo, but I didn’t feel like driving all over to try and get a photo. This photo, above, is from today while my housemate and I were out. We had to try two different parking lots before I could get a decent view. We could’ve probably gone to the next parking lot, but I believe it’s lower than where we are here.

Normally, the mountains are much more visible. There’s a church on the side of the mountain, which is usually much more visible, can barely see it today. In the photo below, I’ve cropped it and circled where the church is… barely visible.

This haze is supposedly from the wildfires that are still burning in Canada. Yesterday the air quality was “code orange”, today it’s “code red”.

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8 Comments on “strong enough to live it

    • I heard on the radio that only about half the fire(s) have been contained. What gets me is we can actually smell it here…not as bad as a month ago, with what smelled like a chemical fire, but every once in a while, we can smell smoke.

      • I saw something today that said over half the fires won’t be dealt with; they’ll just let them burn.

        I can’t really smell it here but the haze has been here for a long time now. It’s been messing with my allergies big time.

      • I’m sure it is. I’ve been pretty consistent with taking allergy medicine and mucus/cold medicine since I came down with the “cold”, so it’s not affecting me too bad, but my housemate says he can feel it. I’m also washing my face a lot.

      • I do the same thing when the pollen clouds float by in the spring, wash my face/hands a lot. I’ve tried to stay away from meds, but have to use Benadryl when times are rough.

      • I can get really sick if I don’t…I take Zyrtec twice a day during my peak trouble times. I can get away with once a day other times, or switching back and forth…1-2-1-2. I also use honey, but it seems it’s not enough sometimes.

  1. I hope they get those fires under control soon. We here in TX are probably too far south to get any of the haze here, but other times we get lots of smoky skies from fires in New Mexico, so I know how it can be.

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