be like the bird

June 30, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

~ bird unknown ~
I think it’s a Phoebe, but it could be a Pewee

be like the bird
pausing in her flight
awhile on boughs to slight
feels them give way beneath her
and yet sings…

knowing that she hath wings

~ Victor Hugo

I remember watching Bugs Bunny wearing a dress when I was six years old, and I didn’t grow up to become a Drag Queen. Come to think of it, I never dropped an anvil on anyone either.

…I did drop a cinderblock on my sister’s foot once though. Is that the same thing? It wasn’t my fault either…I told her to move several times and she just stood there, looking at me…yeah, I could’ve moved, but that’s not the point


now you know!

The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon is when you learn something and then suddenly hear about it more frequently.



The Catholic Church says it’s Apostolic

But the Apostles did not…

  1. pray rosary to Mary
  2. pray to the dead
  3. do Satanic Processions
  4. go to mass
  5. wear the scapular
  6. do infant baptism
  7. believe in pergatory
  8. use “holy” water
  9. claim Peter a Pope
  10. bow down to or worship idols

…by the way, every religion says they are the true, honest, and legitimate religion


States consider charging residents taxes by the mile instead of the gallon: head topics United States… “U.S. states are facing a myriad of hurdles as they experiment with programs to eventually replace the motor fuel taxes that have paid for roads for more than a century. Those taxes are generating less each year due to inflation, fuel efficiency and the rise of electric cars. One popular proposal is to charge drivers by the mile rather than the gallon. But eight years after Oregon began a voluntary pilot program, it’s still having trouble getting many people to sign on. Other ideas are to tax electricity from public vehicle charging stations or tack charges onto door-to-door package deliveries. States are now weighing whether to start making the programs mandatory. and, more recently, adding per-kilowatt-hour taxes to electricity accessed at public charging stations. Last year, Colorado began adding a 27-cent tax to home deliveries from Amazon and other online retailers to help fund transportation projects.”

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The Gospel of Thomas
Jesus says:
(1) “Blessed is the lion that a person will eat and the lion will become human.
(2) And anathema is the person whom a lion will eat and the lion will become human.”

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