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June 30, 2023

*I originally started this post back in February, but didn’t feel like posting it. I didn’t delete it either, which I guess is a good thing. Also, almost as soon as I let you all know I didn’t have any power and I needed to switch things up a little the power came back on. Oh well, it is what it is. My schedule is still a little messed up, but I’m adjusting.

Hope you enjoy…

…plants I want to add to my garden
It’s not happening this year, I think, maybe next.

salvia (top photo), lucky star lavender pentas and lucky star pentas dark red

lucky star pentas flowers

(internet images)

They are pretty flowers and would look awesome in one or more of my gardens…

I also want to add blueberry shrubs to my gardens.


These are all the seeds I collected in the fall. Well, not all of them. I also have cucumber seeds, Jimson weed seeds and an envelope of tomato seeds. I let them dry out for a while on a cookie sheet before storing them in the basement for the winter. The tomato seeds I dried on wax paper placed on top of a plate.

Lupine, mixed wildflowers and columbine seeds my son got me for Mother’s Day

All of the seeds have either been planted or scattered in my different gardens. Most of the flower seeds my son got me for Mother’s day won’t bloom until next year, darn it. Oh well, they will be pretty when they bloom. Some are growing, but are still too small for me to snap photos of…unless I use my macro lenses, which I just might do. It’s been a while since I used that camera (Canon DSLR) and lenses. When I do snap some photos, I will be sure to share them.


I personally don’t remember ever seeing a sunflower with 5 seed heads. I’m no expert though…all of my sunflowers are either plants from last year’s seeds that I saved or seeds the birds discarded and took root. (There are now at least 7 seed heads on this flower. I’m not going to add photos of them to this post, but there will be some in the near future.)

There are more than a dozen sunflowers growing in my bird feeding garden. I will not complain about this. Most will be left for the birds, some I will clip so I can dry and store seeds for next year. As far as I know, none of my scattered seeds have done anything yet. Maybe later they will, or next year.

Jimson weed plant/flower, I think…

I saved and planted a bunch of seeds, from a couple of pods, but only one is growing that I can see. I’m thinking the seeds may need to stay in the pods.

morning glory…

I forgot to mention I bought some morning glory seeds a few weeks ago at the dollar store. They were 25 cents a packet. I didn’t think they were going to grow, but when I checked the other day, one was already starting up the shepherd’s hook. Another one is growing by the T-pole, where I have a hummingbird feeder and finch feeder. It’s not long enough to start on the pole yet though.

An addiction to gardening is not all bad when you consider all the other choices.

~ unknown

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