create ripples

July 1, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

~ Chinese Lantern Flower ~

I alone can’t change the world.
But I can cast a stone across the waters
to create many ripples.

When you and your Facebook friends finally agree to meet somewhere…

You guys know who you are!


If JFK were alive today:

“My fellow Americans, ask not why children shouldn’t see drag queens; ask why any loving parent would want to expose their children to such perversion in the first place.”

~ former US President,
John F. Kennedy


Never trust anyone who spells gonorrhea correct on the first try…


How To Can Amish Pot Pie: ask a prepper… “Here in Lancaster County PA, if you were having Amish Chicken Pot Pie aka “Slippery Pot Pie” it would be served in a bowl, piping hot with thick doughy noodle squares, and chunks of chicken with veggies in a stew or soup-like dish. It’s marvelously hearty. In most other places, if you were having Chicken Pot Pie, that would look much more like an actual pie with a flaky buttery crust and a creamy chicken and veggie mixture.” instructions and directions, pressure canning, how to use your canned pot pie, instructions on how to make a traditional pot pie are topics covered in this article

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The Gospel of Thomas
And he says: “The human being is like a sensible fisherman
who cast his net into the sea and drew it up from the sea filled with little fish.
(2) Among them the sensible fisherman found a large, fine fish.
(3) He threw all the little fish back into the sea, (and) he chose the large fish effortlessly.
(4) Whoever has ears to hear should hear.”

comparable to: Matthew 11: 11-15 (NKJV)

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