a dying beast is dangerous

July 4, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

~ 2 mourning doves and an indigo bunting ~

The war on truth
will only get more intense.

A beast is more dangerous
when it knows it’s dying

What if Edvard Munch was really trying to paint a dog with long ears, but he wasn’t a good painter and people got all excited about his painting, so he just kinda went along with it?

Well, now I can’t unsee that…


I still hate communism and socialism

even after they started calling it ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’



a person who must put their pj’s on the second they get home, otherwise they will never be comfy


“According to the borrowers, defaulting “en masse” would be a really effective way to say “f*** you” to America and plunge the nation into a “financial crisis that will dwarf the Great Recession.”

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Gospel of Thomas
Jesus says:
(1) “This heaven will pass away, and the (heaven) above it will pass away.
(2) And the dead are not alive, and the living will not die.
(3) In the days when you consumed what was dead, you made it alive.
When you are in the light, what will you do?
(4) On the day when you were one, you became two.
But when you become two, what will you do?”

comparable to: Matthew 24: 33-35 (NKJV)

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