Reagan trivia

July 4, 2023

Monkey See, Monkey Do

everyone remembers that – as a young Hollywood actor – Reagan co-stared with a chimpanzee in the film Bedtime for Bonzo. But few remember that the film had a sequel. What was it called?

a. Bonzo Goes To College
b. Bonzo Goes To The Moon
c. Monkey, Go Home!

(answer below)

“The trouble with our liberal friends
is not that they’re ignorant
it’s just that they know so much
that isn’t so.”

~ Ronald Reagan

answer: (a) Bonzo Goes to College: Reagan opted out of this 1952 production, but continued to appear in other lousy movies on a regular basis (Secret Lives of the US Presidents words, not mine)

* I got this set of trivia for my son while we were homeschooling…coming in handy now!

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