Boys for sale: child trafficking in the US (video)

July 5, 2023

*explicit content

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The video is one hour, 50 minutes long, recorded in 1981
The video is controversial, disgusting, disturbing, and may be offensive, but I felt it was important to share.

“In 1981, Dr. Tom Philpott would be interviewed for the documentary film in which he discusses the existence of an interstate child trafficking ring in the U.S. perpetrated by political elite. Philpott tells the story of child victims throughout the country. During his 20 years as a professor at the University of Texas in Austin, Dr. Philpott was often involved in controversies surrounding civil rights and anti-war protests. But his most censored work, was this documentary film about a child trafficking perpetrated by U.S. big shots titled “Boys for Sale.” The abuse of young boys was investigated by Philpott regarding pedophiles/pederasts operating in the Austin, Houston, Dallas and New Orleans areas, and their connection to a nationwide pederast ring. In this documentary, Philpott describes Houston, Texas, as possibly the worst city in the United States for homeless boys. Claims of atrocities in Houston were corroborated by other experts, such as Judianne Densen Gerber of the Odyssey Institute. Gerber said that children are also brought in from Louisiana and other states. After a number of threats, Philpott survived an attempted murder made on his life shortly after his involvement in the documentary Boys for Sale. Two intruders broke into his Austin apartment on October 27, 1982, and shot him twice with his .38 caliber. He survived. The police and media smeared him as staging the event. He died in Oct. 9, 1991. Almost no information exists as to the exact cause and circumstances of his death.” (alternative views/ real women/real stories)

~ in the video, they talk about “boy prostitutes”, but they are victims. I don’t know if the terminology that we use today (trafficking/human trafficking/child trafficking) was around back then, maybe it was but it wasn’t used here.

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