Get ‘er done?

July 6, 2023

*this is in place of throwback Thursday, not that I don’t have a ton of photos to pick from, but if I don’t do this now I don’t know when I will. My 100 day break is coming up in a couple of days, which means that it will get pushed back to who knows when. I’ve been posting more than I really like to as it is but I have to do what I have to. More on the 100 day break soon, for anyone that doesn’t know… I post every day for 100 days then I take a break. There will be more details soon…

I got ‘er done! Finally!!

I finally got the old, cracked back off the chair I started using as a bird feeder. It looks much better than it did before.

an image of the chair before…

I really liked the design on the chair, but it was old, cracked and full of bugs and who knows what else.

before and after…

The reason I call it my bird feeding garden or station is because I have eight different feeders in there…a hummingbird feeder, woodpecker feeder, three finch feeders and three plate feeders. One plate is on an old chair, one is on a stump and another is on on the ground. I’ve confiscated three old plates to use as bird feeders, and have them at different levels. The birds seem to love the flowers and grasses as well.

Back to the chair feeder…

I’ve had to make improvements on it here and there. On the board, I added a block to raise the plate off of it, and screwed the plate onto it. I also added hardware cloth so the board wasn’t so slippery…I noticed the birds having a hard time on it, and the squirrels kept lifting the plate off the board so they could get to the food that had gone underneath. I had to screw or nail the hardware cloth down in certain places to pull it closer to the board. This way, bird seed doesn’t get stuck underneath it. Hopefully, anyway.

I’ve got one more chair that I can repurpose. These are chairs we used to use in the camper, that my dad kept stored, you know, in case we needed them. I’m glad he did, I can use them in my gardens.

I still might need to put a couple of blocks down, over the hardware cloth, but for now it works and the birds seem happy.

hope you have a great day!
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