Oh my!

July 6, 2023

now that’s a slug!

… the brick he’s on is a fire brick that I use as a stepping stone in my walkway leading to the porch. I haven’t measured it, but I’d say the brick is approximately 3×5 inches, just to give you some perspective.

I’m glad I didn’t kill him… I was on my way to the pool when I saw what I thought was a pebble or river rock on top of the brick. I swept it aside with my foot, realizing it wasn’t a rock. At first I thought it was a frog or a toad, but when I put the flashlight on it I realized it was a slug…and a big one. It would’ve felt nasty between my toes if I had stepped on it…which I have done before. Not this one, obviously, but other, smaller slugs.

I’m glad I didn’t kill it and was able to snap a photo of it.

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