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July 9, 2023

*I just wanted to share these photos with you before I go on my 5 day break…

An aquarium…with new, little tadpoles swimming around and an old coo-coo clock. Both photos were made on Friday.

I guess I’ll start with the tadpoles…I think I have mentioned before that the frogs were enjoying the pool more than I was not so long ago. Apparently, they’ve been having a little too much fun! Hahaha
I went out to the pool one day last week and found frog eggs in there floating around. At least I thought they were frog eggs. I scooped some out before I thought to myself that I should check if they actually were frog eggs. So I did that, and sure enough, frog eggs in the pool!

This is a first for me.
Now, what to do…
I went down into the basement and grabbed an aquarium I have stored down there, put some gravel and rainwater in it, then scooped the rest of the eggs out of the pool and put them in the aquarium on the deck. I wasn’t sure anything would happen or if I really even saved any, but I tried. I mean, how could I knowingly kill next years frogs?

Now what to feed them? I’ve been adding dead bugs and debris from the pool or rainwater bucket. We shall see what happens…
*update: I have little tadpoles swimming around! They’re starting to grow little legs!!! Oh my gosh…what have I done!? But I am so happy, next year, if the frogs lay eggs in the pool I will know what to do.

My old coo-coo clock…
I just got it up on Friday, and it was a little bit of a challenge. There is no stud between the door frames so I had to find a board long enough, so I could screw it into the stud above each door frame. I did this by hand too.

My power drill needs a new battery, which I didn’t know until I went to charge it. I used a hammer and a nail to get a starter hole going for the screws, then screwed the board to the wall. I think I need two more screws, just to be safe…I haven’t added the decor that hangs at the end of the chains. They are heavy! I don’t think it will pull the screws out, but I’d rather be safe.

and something that was in the news over the weekend…

Wow!! Trying to discredit child trafficking and relating it to QANON…these people are truly demons

Mainstream media attacks sound of freedom: “QANON_Asjecent Thriller”

link: dnyuz.com

…I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I want to. I’ll probably have to wait for it to come out on streaming
…I was having a terrible time with my internet connection on my phone yesterday (Saturday, June 8, 2023), so I had to screenshot it, then add a link


hope you have a great day!
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