Adrenochrome, organ harvesting, deep state, pedophilia, (video)

July 12, 2023

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Jim Caviezel calls out MSM for cover up of the truth about adrenochrome

…a two minute video

“Jim Caviezel calls out the mainstream media for attempting to cover up the truth about adrenochrome and the organ harvesting of children. Their attempts to fact check and silence those who wish to speak the truth about evil cannot be overlooked:
“I was willing to come forward and speak truthfully on things like adrenochrome, organ harvesting and was severely reprimanded by much of the media and they claim their fact checkers knew more. But they don’t know like you know. It was a burden that I was no longer burdened with anymore. My career, I would never put in front of the children.
Go to the film Sound of Freedom, which represents your word against these liars (the mainstream media).
Speak the truth to the American people.””

“The truth is beginning to shine forth.
The world needs to awaken to the crimes being committed against our children

by those who are in power.
The children must be saved.”

Robert D. Steele about organ harvesting, satanic ritualistic murder, PizzaGate & Adrenochrome

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12 comprimidos

translation: Adrenochrome 12 tablets

a ten minute video…

“Here is Robert D. Steele, a few years ago, at the ITNJ Commission explaining the global effects of child trafficking, how it expanded, and the future goals the Commission seeks to achieve in ending the matter.

He goes on to include the involvement of US government departments such as the FBI, CIA, DOJ, other Secret Intelligence Communities, the involvement of the Deep State Cabal, the involvement of legitimate organizations and businesses, the involvement of pedophilia, organ harvesting, satanic ritualistic murder, PizzaGate and the consumption of Adrenochrome in his discussion.”

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