enjoy the experience of life

July 16, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful


origin: Bulgarian
the subtle art of doing everything calmly
and without rushing
while enjoying the experience
and life in general

left: be negative, chase charity, you’re oppressed, all blockers are external, focus on others to change, practice degeneracy/victimhood, shady critical theories/Marxism, cultivate outrage, grow arrest record, be a bad example, achieve serfdom

right: be positive, chase personal growth, you can do it!, all blockers are internal, focus internally to change, practice training/strength, study philosophy/math/science, cultivate honor, grow skill stack, be a good example, achieve independence


I haven’t seen Democrats this mad since Republicans freed their slaves


“Cows kill more people than sharks”

“I’m surprised cows
kill any sharks at all!”


Stop Storing These Foods In Their Original Packaging: ask a prepper… “The way you store food may seem like a minor detail, but it can have a big impact on how long your food will stay fresh and safe to eat. Not only that, but improper food storage can lead to issues with pests. To ensure that your food stays as fresh as possible”, follow some simple steps…rice, nuts, baking soda, cornmeal, salt, crackers, are a few foods listed in the article…mostly, it is suggested to put the food in an airtight container with a moisture absorber if needed

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Gospel of Thomas (18)
 The disciples said to Jesus: “Tell us how our end will be.”
(2) Jesus said: “Have you already discovered the beginning

that you are now asking about the end? For where the beginning is, there the end will be too.
(3) Blessed is he who will stand at the beginning. And he will know the end, and he will not taste death.”

comparable to: Revelation 22: 13 (NKJV)
“We have our beginning as an idea within Christ, we are created as humans
and our intended destiny or end is to rejoin Christ”
(The Gospel of Thomas, p25)

7 Comments on “enjoy the experience of life

  1. Just because the aristocratic tall hat wearing guy (not to be confused with Lincoln, I’ll get to him in a moment) is mr fancy pants wearing college educated rich man – it doesn’t make him smart enough to know about cows at all.
    I’ll bet he doesn’t know much about the poop cows and sharks produce (that’s supposed yo be goats and cows – but whatever), haha
    But on to Mr. Lincoln…
    I understand he also had slaves. I’m sure they were better cared for – still slaves though.

    • It’s my understanding that Lincoln didn’t own slaves. There are websites that claim he did and didn’t, but knowing that he came from Illinois, it’s likely he didn’t. As for the cows and sharks, it’s supposed to be funny. Cows can’t kill sharks, unless their methane filled poop or farts kill them.

      • And just how much do we know about “The Real Lincoln”? (book by Thomas DiLorenzo)
        But… what is The Truth?

      • The only thing we really know is what history tells us. If he was willing to go to war to free the slaves (I know that’s only part of the civil war story) and killed for it… there’s something to that.

    • Also, it hits on people’s fear of the ocean because of sharks, but cows kill more people than sharks do. The play on words gives it some humor.

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