I’ve got tadpoles!

July 16, 2023

There are 4, but I could only get photos of 3.

Well, I’ve only been able to spot 4. There could be more. Until yesterday (Saturday, July 15), I thought there was only 3.

I’ve got some other squigglies floating around in there, but these are definitely tadpoles. Whatever I’m doing to keep them alive is working!

All I’m really doing is putting dead bugs, leaves and other debris and adding fresh water every couple of days. This evening, after the sun starts to go down and things cool off a little, I will be going for a walk and collecting twigs, rocks, and other things for the tadpoles to climb on and stick their noses out of the water…kind of weigh one end of the stick or branch down so it’s sticking out on the other end.

Next year, if the frogs decide to lay eggs in my pool again, I will already have a plan in place and be ready to raise some frogs!

As my housemate says, soon I’ll have little baby frogs jumping around!
~ images were made with my cell phone

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