the patriotic American

July 18, 2023


the strongest weapon in the United States
is a patriotic American

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5 Comments on “the patriotic American

  1. It would be nice if you looked at my blog. I can’t stop giving you likes.

    • I do! I don’t get on my computer until late afternoon my time, which is when I do my work, check other blogs out and take care of what needs to be taken care of – blog wise. I have stuff to do throughout the day around the house and property, but I always make sure I have time to read blogs. I respond to messages as soon as I can, either on my cell phone or via my laptop.

      • Yo tampoco perderé mi tiempo.

      • translated…”I won’t waste my time either.”
        I have to do what I have to do, when I can. I don’t have time to sit on my computer all day…I had honestly just gotten back from getting my car emissions inspected when I saw your comment. I have a three bedroom house, three and a third acre property and a family to take care of. I don’t have air conditioning nor do I have electric heat, so there are things I need to do before getting on the computer. I make sure I have time to get to everyone, no one is ignored!
        I’m sorry you see it this way.

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