the working man

July 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

I might not have much money,
but I can build it, fix it, hunt it, catch it, or grow it
– therefore I am rich.
~ the working man

sorry guys, I can’t use you until you have a Bible degree

~ stuff Jesus never said


Imagine where we might be today if they had not decided that we were not allowed to talk about:

~ J6
~ election fraud
~ covid origins
~ vaccines
~ Hunter Biden’s laptop
~ Hillary Clinton’s crimes
~ corruption in Ukraine
~ war in Ukraine
~ corrupt politicians

Did I miss anything? We might actually have answers if they had not silenced and deleted all opposing researchers, they violated no rules or anything but are still being silenced.


~ Tin Foil ~ hat

Tin Foil Hat Fact –

roses are red
violets are blue
conspiracy theorists
know more than you


What Happens If You Put Banana Peels In Your Garden?: ask a prepper… the benefits, preparing and storing banana peels for the garden, ways to use banana peels for fertilizer, to deter pests are topics covered in the article, plus more

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Gospel of Thomas (20)
(1) The disciples said to Jesus: “Tell us whom the kingdom of heaven is like!”
(2) He said to them: “It is like a mustard seed.
(3) <It> is the smallest of all seeds.
(4) But when it falls on cultivated soil, it produces a large branch
(and) becomes shelter for the birds of the sky.”

comparable to: Matthew 13: 31-32 (NKJV)

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