evil be gone

July 19, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

may every evil eye upon me go blind
may every tongue that rises against me fall
may every I’ll intention return to sender

you mean to tell me that gay people are gay because they were born that way, but transgender people aren’t the gender they were born even though they were born that way?


since when do burning forests give off orange smoke… 3000 miles away?

…I get that pollutants and chemicals (chemtrails?) can cause a discolored atmosphere, and the smoke could cause something or other (I’ve heard the arguments, in other words), and I don’t think New York City is 3000 miles away from the fires…but to smell a chemical fire? or electrical fire? In Maryland? that is HUNDREDS of miles away? Something ain’t sittin’ right with this country girl. Oh yeah, they blamed it on the fires in Canada. If that were the case, the neighbor’s bonfire would drive us out of the house!


What did the newspaper write about you?

“Holly gets arrested
for breaking many innocent hearts”


in approved plastic containers, in existing garage or shed, outdoors under tarps, and using fuel stabilizers are topics covered in this article

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Gospel of Thomas (21)
(1) Mary said to Jesus: “Whom are your disciples like?”
(2) He said: “They are like servants who are entrusted with a field that is not theirs.
(3) When the owners of the field arrive, they will say: ‘Let us have our field.’
(4) (But) they are naked in their presence so as to let them have it, (and thus) to give them their field.”
(5) “That is why I say: When the master of the house learns that the thief is about to come,
he will be on guard before he comes (and) will not let him break into his house,
his domain, to carry away his possessions.
(6) (But) you, be on guard against the world!
(7) Gird your loins with great strength, so that the robbers will not find a way to get to you.”
(8) “For the necessities for which you wait (with longing) will be found.
(9) There ought to be a wise person among you!
(10) When the fruit was ripe, he came quickly with his sickle in his hand, (and) he harvested it.
(11) Whoever has ears to hear should hear.”

comparable to John 12: 31 (NKJV)

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