urine therapy

July 19, 2023

The Water of Life

A treatise on urine therapy

Urine Therapy

~ refers to one of several uses of urine
~ the purpose is the prevention or curing of sickness, enhancing beauty, or cleansing the bowels
~ methods include: straight and steaming hot, mixed with juice, served over fruit, sublingual drops mixed with water, urine baths (very popular among modern Japanese women) and enemas

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~ nothing it won’t cure

As always, always check with a trusted doctor or practitioner about this – or anything else. I have heard that drinking your own urine in certain situations (like hiking in the middle of the woods) is safer than drinking unknown water; using your urine can help heal acne; and according to some videos using/drinking urine may help cure certain cancers. Who really knows…ask a doctor!

…and some humor/sarcasm or whatever it is he does.

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