try walking in my shoes before telling me how to do things

July 20, 2023

You have to walk a thousand miles in my shoes
just to see what it’s like to be me
~ Eminem

I usually try to keep private things private, but if paying attention, you will see hints at what my life is like. I am a prepper, but I don’t personally broadcast it. It’s too dangerous to let the world know what one is up to. Especially now.

However, I am taking a little time today to share what a day, a week, a year, of my life is like.

I don’t live in a comfy apartment or condo with electric heat/air where everything is taken care of for me.
I don’t live in a small little house on a one-acre lot in a subdivision.
I don’t have an electric dishwasher.
I don’t have an electric clothes dryer.
I don’t have a landscaper do my landscaping for me.
I don’t have someone come in and cut trees down for me.

I am a country girl through and through.

I have 10 gardens to tend to. Actually, my whole 3 1/3 acre property is a garden…but there are 10 well defined, individual gardens…

a pool to clean…

sexy frogs to swim with…

birds to feed…

fans that need to be adjusted (no ac) during the summer and a wood stove that needs to be stoked in the winter (no electric heat)

dead trees that need to be felled, split and stacked for the wood stove…

pantry shelves that need to be stocked and rotated…

dirt that needs to be moved, acres to mow and berms that need to be built and/or maintained…

rocks that need to be brought up to make walkways and walls…

a “new” refrigerator that doesn’t like the heat and humidity…all food and drinks that need to be kept cold are in two small refrigerators in the basement…

books that need to be read…

wash that needs to be hung up to dry, folded and put away (no electric dryer)

I have had the top of a tree fall on the roof of my house, my car damaged by a tree during an ice storm. I have been hunkered down back here for up to a week because the snow was too deep for the farmer neighbor to plow. I have teased about having to build an ark because the property was flooded with so much rain. I have been drenched in sweat – just sitting on the couch. I looked at bruises and wondered how I got them. I have chased black snakes through the yard in my bare feet, trying to get a photo of it. I have taken care of both of my dying parents at home. I have raised a son, primarily on my own.

So, I’m sorry if anyone doesn’t like the way I do things. It is my life and I need to do things the way I do. After all of this, and other things I haven’t mentioned, I am still here. I take photos and share them. I love doing what I do, there is a reason I do things the way I do. Please don’t tell me how to do things. Doing things this way has worked for at least two years, I’m not changing how I do things. Not now.

Before you judge my life, my past, or my character, walk in my shoes, walk the path I have travelled, live my sorrow, mt doubts, my fear, my pain, and my laughter. Remember, everyone has a story of their own. When you have lived my life, then you can judge me…

(internet image)

No matter what, unless it’s something drastic (death, hospitalization), I will be here. (If something drastic does happen I usually let everyone know, via a posting.) I may not be able to get to you as soon as you like my post, I do have things to do throughout the day. I have been called to share what I share, so I have to do it this way and still get things done. I always get on my computer to edit photos, posts, and check in with everyone. Every day. Comments are addressed as soon as I can answer them.

There’s a good chance I won’t do something like this again. Please don’t complain. I will not tolerate it.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

4 Comments on “try walking in my shoes before telling me how to do things

  1. I thought this post was awesome. You have an incredible life that’s uniquely yours, very inspiring!

  2. Great job! You have to do you! No one else can! Individualism at its best! <3

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