the truth was always there, just hidden from us

July 21, 2023

photo of the week

…it’s nice to see blue skies! It would be even nicer to see some rain…

~ July 19, 2023 ~

imagine finding out everything you believed in was based on a lie
and the truth was always in the Bible you never opened

Kamala just said that “reducing population” is a goal of the climate change movement. They aren’t hiding it anymore. YOU are the carbon they want to eliminate.

True evil!


Another inconvenient truth for liberals…

Abraham Lincoln paid reparations thru the Freedman’s Bureau in 1865. It gave all free black men 40 acres, food, clothing and farm tools over a seven year period until 1872 and was then ended by Democrats. Look it up. Congressional Democrats are ignorant of this piece of history.

Now you know!


never forget that people actually believed “one way” grocery aisles would save lives…


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what has no beginning, no end, and a hole in the middle?
a doughnut

3 Comments on “the truth was always there, just hidden from us

  1. I suppose if the grocery isle were, say… 9+ feet wide, then the one way wouldn’t have been needed.
    ***not that it was anyway***

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