music can be healing

July 24, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

People who experience goosebumps or “shivers” from listening to music
tend to experience much stronger emotions in response to music and are more emotional in general. Music tends to be a much more important part of daily life for these people.

I am an accomplice in this world deception.

If I tell the truth
I’m out of a job.


Fun Fact:

Wind chimes are made from the metallic bones of robots that tried to overthrow us.

Hang them outside your house
as a warning to others.


Breaking News:

Trump names Hunter Biden as his running mate so DOJ will stop investigating him

~ Babylon Bee

“PALM BEACH, FL — Former President Donald Trump seemed to have outsmarted federal prosecutors once again, as reports out of Mar-A-Lago indicated the 45th President and current 2024 candidate had chosen Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, as his running mate, leading the Department of Justice to halt all investigations against Trump.”


Root Cellar In A Box!: ask a prepper… “A root cellar is a storage space built underground to preserve perishable items like fruits, vegetables, and other root crops for an extended time. The root cellar’s environment provides a cool, dark, and humid environment that helps slow the natural decay process and keeps produce fresh during hot climates or winter months.” what is stored in a root cellar, construction – including materials, building, ventilation, doors, where to put your root cellar, and other instructions are topics covered in this article

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Gospel of Thomas (25)
 Jesus says:
(1) “Love your brother like your life!
(2) Protect him like the apple of your eye!”

comparable to many Bible verses
(Bible Verses About Brotherly Love/

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  1. I need a root cellar that is capable of preserving “other” perishables. One such item (and there are obviously, other things) that need to be saved are books – namely print books.

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