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July 25, 2023

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You can either live life complaining about what you don’t have
and how oppressed you are…
or you can get up and do for yourself
~ Zeek Arkham

Vanguard ~ Blackrock

This is the corporate side of the ruling elite. Blackrock and Vanguard are the largest companies on earth. They are the ones pushing the woke agenda, especially through entertainment.

It is called the ESG rating system. Entertainment companies are incentivized through investments, sponsors, and bonuses based on how “inclusive”, “diverse” and politically messaged their products are…be it motives, tv shows, games, books, ads, etc.

This is why all your favorite franchises of the past are now woke shadows of their former selves.


I want the truth!

The truth violates community standards.


Your enemy is not in Russia, but at home.


While You Were Sleeping – FedNow Goes Live Providing Path To Digital Currency: prophecy news watch… “with a bit of fanfare but not TOO much fanfare, a “wonderful” new product was launched. FedNow is live, and we can all transfer money to our heart’s content via the Federal Reserve. Wow, that sounds great, doesn’t it? Of course, that is a spot created by the Federal Reserve and up on the Federal Reserve YouTube channel. FedNow is live at 35 banks.” . . . “This has all the hallmarks of a government strategy. First, they offer it as a “convenience” or a “safety measure.” Lots of people will jump on board in order to take advantage of this.” . . . “Next, it will be pushed harder, and those who don’t adopt it will be mocked, thought of as backward, and treated with suspicion. After that, it’ll be darn near impossible to do anything without it.” one step closer to CBDC’s – more monitoring, data mining, more control, one wrong move and our money will be gone

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Genesis 9: 26-27 (NKJV)
And he said:
“Blessed be the Lord,
The God of Shem,
And may Canaan be his servant.
27 May God enlarge Japheth,
And may he dwell in the tents of Shem;
And may Canaan be his servant.”

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