July 25, 2023

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Why don’t doctors tell you to take magnesium instead of stool softeners?
(stool softeners dehydrate the bowel)
Why don’t doctors tell you to change your diet when you have heart burn and indigestion instead of giving you Prilosec?
(Prilosec causes more heartburn, colon cancer, and osteoporosis and leaves food fermenting in your body)
Why don’t doctors tell you that herbs and certain foods can also heal?
Why don’t doctor’s tell you to lower toxic chemicals in your home, when you have constant headaches and allergies?
(these fragrances and chemicals cause toxic buildup in our cells and causes more allergies and headaches)
Why aren’t you informed by your doctors that if you eat a grapefruit every day, it will lower your blood pressure naturally and you don’t need pills?
(this is why a person can’t eat grapefruit while on blood pressure meds)
Why doesn’t your doctor tell you to take activated charcoal for headaches, bloating/gas, skin issues, colds, food poisoning?
(activated charcoal bonds waste/toxins for the removal from the body)
Why don’t doctors tell you about herbs and herbal teas to support immune and digestive functions?
(different herbs help different organs do their jobs to keep the body healthy)
Why isn’t your doctor suggesting that you take a probiotic daily?
(This boosts functions, helps clean and balance the bowel, helps regulate absorption and elimination, keeps colds and allergies at bay)
Why don’t doctors create diet/lifestyle plans for patients instead of offering pills?
(diet and lifestyle choices are 90% of all illnesses)
Why don’t doctors tell you to take supplements* to boost your health prior to becoming sick and then recommend pills?
(supplements/herbs/tinctures can prevent illness by boosting immune function and support organs with their natural functions)
Why don’t doctors teach you that your emotions stored in your physical body can cause you mental anguish?
(instead, they sat you need medication, emotions can play a very significant roll in our health, without tools to help navigate out emotions we can easily become physically ill)
Why don’t doctors tell you about herbs and herbal teas to support your immune system and digestive functions?
(different herbs help different organs do there jobs to keep the body healthy)

Why don’t doctors take a real role in helping people to live better?

Why do they set up these protocols of pills that most of them wouldn’t even take?

Why aren’t we being helped to be healthy before we get sick?

Things need to change!

Healing is real, and possible!

We just aren’t getting the right information from the people we were taught to trust!

It’s because they are taught and trained by big pharma and it’s all about the dollar.
There is no profit in curing, profit is only in treating !

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*As I’ve said before.. I’m personally not against meds, and grateful for them in emergencies and when all else fails, but we have strayed so far from our natural state and the health of our nation shows.
Maybe it’s time to take back our power. I personally don’t advocate the use of supplements. They can do more harm than good, unless you follow a strict diet (lots of water). If you eat a healthy diet, you probably don’t really need supplements.

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